Conceptual Master Planning

The conceptual master plans guide long-term capital improvement projects.

Campus Facility Master Plan Concepts

The Facilities Master Plan recommends capital improvement projects for each school campus that will improve the physical environment for students, teachers, and families for many years to come. These projects will help create safe and effective learning spaces for all students that support our goals as a district and those of our community.

The conceptual master plans are intended to guide planning of long-term capital improvement projects throughout the district. The concepts developed for each campus are the result of careful analysis of the GOALS, FACTS and NEEDS of each school and attempts to provide a conceptual plan that is directly responsive to those factors. Detailed design of each project will occur at a future date upon establishment of project funding sources and will be addressed by the district, site staff and design team for each campus.

The existing configuration of each site and its proposed transformation concept is illustrated on the following pages: